Francesca and Grant

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Our Story

Although the two attended the same elementary school growing up and lived only a few minutes from each other, Grant and Frankie's love story didn’t begin until 2014. Grant had just graduated from UW-Whitewater, and returned to a summer job at a warehouse in Appleton. Frankie just finished her first year of college at Marquette University, and found a summer job at the very same warehouse where Grant was working. While they didn't get the chance to talk much as they worked in different departments, "The Girl Always in the Marquette Shirt" caught Grant's eye. All summer a co-worker attempted to set the two up, but they never got the chance for a date before Grant moved to Milwaukee for a new job. Finally, after weeks of texting back and forth, on August 25, 2014, the two finally went on their first date in Milwaukee's Third Ward neighborhood. After almost 3 years of dating, Grant proposed in the same neighborhood where they had their first date, and Frankie said yes!

We are excited to begin forever on the four year anniversary of our first date. Thank you for your ongoing love and support. We are so excited to share this day with you and look forward to dancing the night away with all of our favorite people!
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