Parking at the Warch

Boldt Way is a gated City of Appleton Fire Lane and pedestrian walkway leading up to the front entrance of the Campus Center.  The gate will be unlocked during the event and cars can be driven to the front door of the Campus Center for the drop-off and pick-up of passengers.

Wedding guests should not park on Boldt Way or cars may be ticketed and towed by the City of Appleton.

Please note any cars parked in the Memorial Presbyterian Church Lot 1 or Lot 2 off of Meade Street may be ticketed and towed. They have been known to tow cars during events - please do NOT park here to avoid getting towed.

Unmetered street parking adjacent to the Warch Campus Center is available for guests.
Free parking is also available at the following locations located two to three blocks from the Warch Campus Center: 
  • Alice G. Chapman Hall Faculty & Staff parking lot on the corner of College & Meade (No. 38 on the map)
  • Emmanuel United Methodist Church (740 E. College Ave., parking lot is on the corner of Washington & Meade).
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